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    • Home Invasions are becoming more frequent these days with the failure of Politicians getting themselves and their opinions involved with Police matters.  Apparently scrutinizing the police openly, making up crap to blame the police for and selling out their good communities is good for votes. The "Democratic" way I guess. My opinion on that is the subject of another topic on another day. Therefore I digress. Home invasions and the intensity of which they are carried out has become dangerously brutal, leaving victims terrified, beaten, hospitalized, and or dead seems to be the "thing to do" for these guys. So, instead of worst case scenario   falling at your feet, I'd like to share some information with you so that "Worst case scenario" instead, falls at theirs. I'm going to assume that you know your house or apartment well enough that you know the lighted areas and the dark areas, if not the get familiar, especially in the bedroom. Exterior lights are very helpful in deterring criminals like the common thief and or burglar, however we are talking about Home Invasions. Let me explain the difference. A burglar is merely in your residence to steal your stuff and leave without incident. If you catch them there they will run... an altercation is NOT their intention, avoidance is. A Home Invasion is violent, they are there to take from you and hurt you in the process. Violence is their primary goal, your property is secondary. It is a good idea to invest in good cameras with offsite video storage. You need have them in the most ideal of places to catch the criminals face, build, height, collecting as much information as possible. That camera needs to speak for you in case the Home Invasion renders you and your loved ones deceased.   Cameras should be placed at all entrances and generally all social areas within the home. Hiding one in the bedroom is a good idea, however one will need to be mindful when feeling a little __________ in the bedroom. You might be proud of your performance in the bedroom but chances are you don't want detectives viewing you and your significant other bumping uglys. A camera door bell is a great option. With all the new technology and being able to answer your door via your phone, there is no reason to go and open the door to see what is going on, especially at 3:00 am. If at all possible you should have the metal screen doors with metal door frames. The same for your regular door. I know what you're saying, "I can't afford all that" and that's fine, work with what you have and do a better job than what you are doing now. Metal doors and door frames create an enormous problem for the intruders, it may be enough to stop them. Plus, it will provide you enough time to access your situation and call the police. Windows should have shrubs with thorns or other pain inflicting beautiful plant. The windows should also have locks and not the spin type that can easily be popped out. If you have those simply get some decent size nails and drill holes on the inner part of the window frames about an inch from the base of the window. Place the nails in the holes, this will stop them from opening the window and climbing in. This wont stop a determined intruder, they'll break the window, so make them break the window and have to deal with all the broken glass. This will slow them down, providing you with more time to make decisions. I'll have to cut to guns right now, my time is limited. Now you have been pushed back to your bedroom. You've called for the police, you have locked the the bedroom door and are in the corner opposite of the door. Your beds mattress is between you and the door and you have a loaded weapon, preferably a 12 gauge shotgun for a man and or a 410 for a woman. The intruder is at the door and you are yelling, "Leave or I'll shoot," "I've called the police and they are on their way," "leave now, I have a gun and will shoot," "I'll shoot if you open that door" Provide them with as many verbal ques as possible and... if they open that door, SHOOT. If it looks likes its going to open, you shoot to protect your life and those who may be with you. When you are protecting your life and those of the ones you love, sometimes we have to make those choices in fear of, well, losing your life or theirs. Today's violence is no joke and it's no longer confined to television or the news. These people watch these shows and for some odd reason, it gives them ideas on how to do this stuff, meaning victimizing people. Do not feel bad about protecting our life or someone else's. The intruder placed you in that position, he's in your house, you're not in his.   more later  
    • TSM Impale is one of the strongest solo pushing builds for Demon Hunter in season 16. Ideal Stats The Shadow's Mask: Dex, CHC, Skill: Impale, Res, Pickup Radius, Socket
      The Shadow's Burden: Dex, AR, AD, CDR, Pickup Radius, Health from Globes
      The Traveler's Pledge: Cold %, CHD, CHC, Reduced Ranged Dmg, Reduced Melee Dmg, Socket
      Aquila Cuirass: Dex, Vit, Reduced Elite Dmg, Damage Reduction, Sockets
      Strongarm Bracers: Cold %, Dex, Vit, CHC, Damage Reduction
      The Shadow's Grasp: Dex, CHD, CHC, AD, Res, Pickup Radius
      The Witching Hour: Dex, Vit, AS, CHD, Res, Life per Kill
      The Shadow's Coil: Dex, Vit, AR, Life per Kill, Pickup Radius, Sockets
      The Shadow's Heels: Dex, Vit, AR, Skill: Impale, Pickup Radius, Health from Globes
      The Compass Rose: Damage, Dex, CHD, CHC, Res, Socket
      Elusive Ring: Damage, CHD, CHC, Res, Socket
      Karlei's Point: Damage, Dmg %, Dex, AD, Life per Kill, Socket
      Holy Point Shot: Cold %, AS, CHC, AD, Skill: Impale, Knockback %, Max Discipline Breakpoint 25 frames: ApS 2.06 plus Gogok of Swiftness, Pain Enhancer (stacks: 1) Cooldown Reduction: 25.19%-27.55%
      Resource Cost Reduction: 10% Potion: Bottomless Potion of Kulle-Aid Gems Head: Diamond
      Torso: Diamonds
      Legs: Diamonds
      Main-Hand: Emerald
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